Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nature: Escarpment Trail

So, to start out, I'll take y'all on a tour of beautiful places I've been dying to share! These pictures were taken in Michigan's upper peninsula (the u.p.) right up against Lake Superior in the Porcupine Mountains. These particular photos were taken on Escarpment trail, which is right off one of the main highways through the area. The trail goes all the way around Lake of the Clouds, but after a beautiful 20 minute hike through some hilly woods, you arrive at this view!

 Here's me!
And my wonderful boyfriend, Brandon.

You continue walking up these amazing brownstone rocks and round the corner for a view of the lake.

 And of course it was a beautiful place for some yoga

Here's the lake (in 3 parts). 
Lake of the Clouds is really amazing. You can drive right to a viewing area within the state park. But this view is way better. Plus, it really feels like you're the first person ever to visit this amazing place. We came here twice within a week! Which wasn't our plan, but we really couldn't get enough of this view. Truly incredible. If you love nature and want to visit somewhere beautiful (and never too hot!), GO to the U.P. for the summer. It's full of incredible treasures. More to come later!

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