Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nature: Bartram Forest

I'll probably be posting quite a few pictures of this beautiful forest right by my house here in Georgia. Bartram Forest used to be a maintained area, but they lost funding and now the Military College apparently uses it for some training exercises, but it is still open to the public. There are miles of trails, gorgeous woods and seemingly endless pine trees (there's logging in the area). It's nice to have a little slice of paradise so close to home. These photos were taken in early October, on a particularly warm day.
This is a teeny lake in the middle of the area, very picturesque. There's a picnic area just to the right of the lake.
I'm a sucker for sunlight through the trees. It feels so much like fall to me (even though fall happens so differently here in Georgia than it does in the midwest).

 Doesn't this path just beg to be explored? And we did! (And got a bit lost, we ended up turning around because we didn't know when the trail would end).
Sorry that this post is so late. I have been swamped with Grad school stuff lately. A large research paper that I (finally!) finished (at least a good draft) tonight that's due after Thanksgiving. So I let myself have the treat of writing up this post.
And another GORGEOUS photo of that sun through the trees. We saw some people in hammocks right around here, and slung ours up after our long walk (we have ENO hammocks, I highly recommend them for adventurers).

I can't WAIT for Thanksgiving, I'll be heading down to Louisiana to see my mom's (giant) family, Brandon in tow. It should be really great, and I'll be sure to take some pictures of the incredible scenery to be had down there. I want to do a food post soon, too, and (hopefully) a craft post once I get going on my friend-gifts for this Christmas (yikes, it's sneaking up on me!).

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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